Harvey Unga: Back in the News

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Harvey Unga was back in the news this week. He had his pro day yesterday (July 8, 2010) and welcomed his and his fiancee Keilani Moeaki's baby boy Jackson into the world July 4.

I greatly enjoyed the video of Harvey's pro day on BYU's official athletics site. Normally pro day videos don't show much, but this one has Harvey running several different drills and tests. He looked good. Reports are that he did his lifetime best on bench press (19 reps of the 225-pound weights), vertical jump (35-inch vertical jump), standing broad jump (9-feet, 6-inches). He was clocked between 4.53 and 4.7 in the 40-yard dash, which was slighly slower than expected (perhaps due to traveling to Chicago for the birth of his son).

Twenty teams were on hand to evaluate Unga, and his agent Eric Metz was certain that Unga would be drafted in the supplemental draft. I like Unga's chances, as well. Many teams would have been happy to take Unga in the draft this spring, but now, they can get the same product for less. (This is just a guess. I don't have any clue how rookie contracts compare for those taken in the regular draft and those taken in the supplemental draft. It seems logical that players in the supplemental draft have a greater need to find a team than those in the regular draft, so those players would be more willing to accept less pay. As Unga is saying, at this point, he just wants to make a roster and play special teams.)

Best of luck on the draft, Harvey. I'll be pulling for you.

As for the baby news, congratulations to you both!!! Besides congratuating the couple, the journalist in me has to ask why didn't they withdraw in December 2009? The baby was full term, and born July 4. That means that Moeaki knew she was pregnant before Winter semester started in Januray. If they withdrew in December they would have missed their two semesters (or one semester and two terms) and be back in school this fall. I am going to leave it at that. We can all probably come up with several reasons why they waited, and maybe we would have waited until April as well. Since this story broke in April, I have tried to be respectful to them and stay away from the private stuff, so I will not pontificate or theorize here. It just hurts worse thinking maybe this could have ended in another way that would have allowed Harvey to play his senior year, to finish his degree, and to enter the NFL on an even playing field with all the other rookies.