Chicago Bears Take Harvey Unga

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Harvey Unga has a new home. He is moving from Cougar Town to Chi-Town. The Chicago Bears drafted Unga in the seventh round of the NFL Supplemental draft today, July 15, 2010. Off the field, this is the perfect match for Unga. His fiancee, and the mother of his newborn son, is from the Chicago area and they are already there. Unga should have a strong support network as he now attempts to make the team.

On the field, Harvey faces a tough challenge. Matt Forte is the established starter. Chester Taylor is a newly acquired veteran who will get the first call to relieve Forte. Garrett Wolfe and Kahlil Bell only saw limited action last year, but they both averaged an impressive 5.5 yards per carry. It must be a good sign that the Bears actually drafted Unga rather than waiting until after the draft to sign him as a free agent. Now the Bears have invested the 2011 seventh round draft pick in him, so they do have a little interest in him and seeing him succeed.

The important thing is that Harvey has got a foot in the door. Anything can happen now. He can blow away everyone's expectations and take over the starting role, or he can get cut. Either way, he has some experience on his resume that will open other doors for him with other teams.


  1. Great article, and thanks for helping me stay informed. If it were not for your blog, I would not have had a clue he got drafted.


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