BYU Football: Did you know? (True Freshman QB Won-Loss Record)

John Beck left BYU as a legend, but he had humble beginnings (Source:

The jump from high school football to college football is big, very big. That jump is magnified at the quarterback position. Because of that, the BYU Cougars didn't have a true freshman start at that position until 1997. The perception is that it is very hard for a team to win if it starts a true freshman.
Did you know that John Beck is the only true freshmen to start for BYU and have a losing record?
Beck was 1-3 in four starts during the 2003 season (Stanford, Air Force, San Diego State, and Colorado State).

Five other quarterbacks have started as true freshmen. Each started at least two games. Here are their won-loss records:
  1. Drew Miller started two games in 1997. He posted a 1-1 record (beat TCU, lost to UTEP).
  2. Jake Heaps played in all 13 games of the 2010 season, but started just the final 10 games. He was 6-4 as a starter.
  3. Taysom Hill started two games (Hawai'i and Utah State) in 2012 before suffering a season ending injury. He was 2-0 in those starts. 
  4. Tanner Mangum came off the bench in game one of 2015, but started every game after that. He was 8-4 as a starter.
  5. Joe Critchlow was forced into the starting role last year for the final three games (UNLV, UMass, and Hawai'i). BYU was 2-1 under his command. 
For those keeping score at home, those five guys have a combined 19-10 record as starters. Including Beck, that record becomes 20-13 for BYU with a true freshman starting at quarterback.

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