BYU Football: Did you know? (Opponents with 11 wins)

Much is made in college football about strength of schedule. It can be measured in many different ways. One way that would have favored the Brigham Young Cougars in 2012 is to look at the number of different opponents who won 11 games.
Did you know that Florida was the only school in the AP or USA Today top 10 that played as many 11-win opponents as BYU?
 Both the Cougars and the Gators played four 11-win opponents in 2012.

BYU--Notre Dame, Boise State, Utah State, San Jose State
Florida--Florida State, Louisville, Georgia, South Carolina

Florida needed to play Louisville (10 regular season wins) in its bowl game to reach the four 11-win opponent mark.  

Four of the 11 teams that comprised the top 10 in the two major polls played three 11-win opponents:

Georgia--Alabama, South Carolina, Florida
Stanford--Oregon, Notre Dame, San Jose State
South Carolina--Georgia, Florida, Clemson
Florida State--Florida, Clemson, Northern Illinois

Five other schools played just two 11-win teams:

Alabama--Notre Dame, Georgia
Oregon--Stanford, Kansas State
Notre Dame--Stanford, Alabama
Texas A&M--Florida, Alabama
Clemson (USA Today only)--Florida State, South Carolina

The only top 10 team remaining is Ohio State (AP only). None of the Buckeyes' opponents won 11 games.

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