Reaction to the Rankings: 2012 Preseason AP Top 25

The Associated Press (AP) released its college football preseason Top 25 for the 2012 football season, and the Brigham Young Cougars find themselves among the “others receiving votes.”

With 22 total points, BYU had the 32nd most points received, which is a little surprising. The Cougars had the 36th most votes in the USA Today Preseason Top 25, which is voted on by the coaches. Typically, BYU receives more votes and a better ranking from the coaches than the media. While not appearing in the preseason top 25 is disappointing, it is nice to see the media’s respect for BYU could be rising. Perhaps playing double digit games on one of the ESPN networks is already paying some dividends.

Four BYU opponents in 2012 are found in the rankings. No. 24 Boise State is the only one to be in the top 25. Notre Dame, Utah, and Georgia Tech joined BYU as “others receiving votes.” All three, however, received more points than BYU. Notre Dame had 83 points, Utah 30, and Georgia Tech 25. 

The cutoff to make the Top 25 was 105 points, which is the total points received by Louisville. What Louisville did to earn a preseason top 25 ranking is a mystery. The Cardinals have finished 7-6 the last two seasons. If voters like Louisville because of the players they have returning, why not BYU for the same reason? BYU was 10-3 last season and return very experienced players at all positions, except three.

Texas and Florida are other peculiar teams appearing in the top 25. Texas has won a total of 13 games the last two seasons, but voters feel comfortable voting them number 15. Florida has done a little better winning 15 games during 2010 and 2011, but that is still nothing to brag about.

Maybe by December, the rankings of Louisville, Texas, and Florida will be justified. They could just be voter bias based on region or name.

BYU’s situation is still the same as it has always been: just win. When BYU wins, the ranking takes care of itself. If BYU starts the season 3-0, then it will be ranked.

What’s your reaction to the rankings?

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  1. Louisville being in the top 25 shows the respect the Big East still gets. If BYU was in the Big East, they are probably ranked right now.

  2. If BYU loses to Utah, BSU, Notre Dame, and Georgia Tech, the ranking makes sense. When BYU beats these teams, we will see BYU propel in the rankings.

    BYU's 2011 schedule had a lot to do with the 10-3 record.

    Note that Texas' and Florida's rankings are based on recent recruiting. The rankings analysis in this story is very superficial.

  3. I can't wait until my Wazzu Cougs crush you.


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