BYU Football: Did you know? (100-yards Rushing in a Game)

Brigham Young Cougars head coach Bronco Mendenhall has stated several times that one of his goals is to rush for 100 yards every game. Earlier this week, I got into a debate on Twitter with @gregwrubell and @Y4LYFE about how important it is that BYU reach this, or any other, defined rushing standard. The premise of any statistic is to determine whether it is a strong predictor of a certain outcome. In football the desired outcome, of course, is winning.

This Twitter debate got me questioning, what about the losses?

Did you know that BYU rushed for over 100 yards in 8 of its 18 losses from 2006 to 2011?
Those eight losses were:

2006--Boston College (30-23, OT): 111 yards

2007--Tulsa (55-47): 157 yards

2008--Utah (48-24): 214 yards
2008--Arizona (31-21): 116 yards

2009--Florida State (54-28): 108 yards
2009--TCU (32-7): 110 yards

2010--Air Force (35-14): 221 yards

2011--TCU (38-28): 139 yards

That is 44% of the losses. Nearly half of the times BYU lost over the last six years they still had over 100 yards rushing.

I am not trying to draw any conclusions with this stat. I present it merely to provide more information to think about on this subject.

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  1. If that were the only goal, then I would agree that it's not statistically relevant. However, at least 5 of those games, TOs played a major factor in off-setting those Rushing Yards.

  2. What is BYU's record when it rushes for over 100 yards in a game v. their record when they don't rush for 100 yards in a game? This would be a more telling statistics.


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