Poll Results: Despite injuries, has BYU had a successful spring?

By a 63% to 37% margin, voters feel the Brigham Young Cougars did have a successful spring.

I agree.

The injuries are an alarming issue, and it cast a gloomy shadow over spring ball. Head coach Bronco Mendenhall is quick to point out that several injuries in spring practice isn’t a phenomenon isolated to BYU. Research shows that the number of injuries during spring practices is double the number that occur during the regular season, and is more than any other sport. However, the total impact of injuries should not be applied when judging the successfulness of spring practices, and vice versa. In any case, BYU should look into the injury issue to try and reduce the numbers.

Spring practice was a success for BYU for several reasons.

Cross Training. Players like Mike Hague, Ezekiel Ansah, and McCoy Hill were cross trained at different positions. Some of the cross training might have been forced by the injuries. In the case of Hill, he was impressive enough that he is expected to play tight end full-time following a mission.

Fundamentals. Coaches took extra time to work on fundamentals with the team once the injuries started to pile up. Improving fundamentals is much more important this time of the year than working on team scrimmaging. Who has better fundamentals could be the deciding factor in games against Utah, Boise State, Notre Dame, and Georgia Tech.

Reality Check. Little known players were thrust into the spotlight and got chances to shine. Some seized the moment and others did not. The true depth of the offensive line was exposed. Where each player was at in his development was more readily seen.

The bottom line is that the coaches and players gained a lot of information that will be useful for them to take into the summer months and process and work to make improvements for the start of the season. For spring, that counts as a success.

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