Poll Results: Do you agree with Jake Heaps' decision to transfer?

A solid 80% of voters do not agree with Jake Heaps' decision to leave the Brigham Young Cougars football team and transfer to another school.

Normally I wait until after the poll closes to voice my opinion, but this time I stated my disagreement with the decision in a piece written last week.

In short, I don't agree because the road to success looks a lot harder by transferring. The way things went this year and redshirting next year are far from ideal, but Heaps still has a lot going for him at BYU. All of the team dynamics, at this point in time, dictate that Riley Nelson should finish his career as the starter. However, going into 2013, the dynamics will clearly shift in favor of Heaps.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's poll: "Which former BYU player in the NFL do you follow the closest?"

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