Reaction to the Rankings: Preseason 2010

The 2010 season is here! BYU Football Talk is now in regular season form. That means every day BYU Football Talk will have something to wet your appetite for the upcoming game. Quickly, here is a brief overview of the regular features that will be accompanied by commentary on the other happenings of BYU football as they occur.

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Let's face it. Few fans in college football pay more attention to the rankings than BYU fans. Now that both the AP and USA Today rankings are out, it's time to react. BYU failed to be in the top 25 of each poll, but the Cougars were found among the "others receiving votes." If you extrapolate the rankings, BYU came in at number 28 in USA Today and 34 in the AP.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much better. I was holding out some hope that BYU would somehow make it in at 24 or 25, but I realize who is voting and where BYU fits on their spectrum of college football. I wasn't surprised either by the difference between the coaches and the media poll. The media is always harder to please than the coaches. I still remember 1994 when BYU finished the year number 10 in the coaches poll and only 18 in the AP poll.

Since it is only preseason, I am not letting myself get too carried away by these rankings. I do have one observation that has to be mentioned. Can you think of a team that finished 2009 ranked, but lost its three year starting quarterback, its Mackey Award finalist tight end, and its best player on defense? BYU sure fits that description, but so does Florida. The Gators finished 2009 ranked number 3 in both polls, and, notwithstanding those significant losses, they open 2010 at that same spot. BYU finished 2009 at number 12, but in 2010 falls out of the rankings. Does anyone else find this peculiar? I am not saying drop Florida all the way from the rankings like BYU, but how do you keep them so high?


  1. Well, if the voters justification for dropping BYU is all the personal changes, then there certainly is a double standard going on here.


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