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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Poll Results: Who will benefit the most from Joshua Quezada transferring?

Among the several Brigham Young Cougars players who stand to gain from running back Joshua Quezada transferring, redshirt freshman Adam Hine was voted the one who would benefit the most. Hine received 41 percent of the vote. Junior Michael Alisa was a distant second with 17 percent. True freshman Jamaal Williams was third with 14 percent followed by senior David Foote (12%), sophomores Iona Pritchard and Paul Lasike (both 7%), and quarterback Riley Nelson (1%). One percent of the voters were undecided.

Using my definition of “benefit,” my vote goes to Alisa.

BYU 2012 Preview: Linebackers

The Brigham Young Cougars linebackers will be the backbone of the defense. The starters for this unit are talented and experienced. They are backed up by equally talented players itching for their chance to play.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Mailbag: New Uniforms, O’Neill Chambers making a difference, Joshua Quezada’s transfer, BYU’s best running back, and A rivalry with Wisconsin?

Welcome to the Friday Mailbag where once a week I answer your questions and respond to your comments about Brigham Young Cougars football. As a quick reminder, there are three ways to submit a question:

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On to the mailbag.

BYU 2012 Preview: Defensive Line

Despite significant losses from the 2011 season, the Brigham Young Cougars defensive line is one of the deepest positions on the team in 2012. This unit should have no trouble producing even without Hebron Fangupo (Houston Texans), Graham Rowley (mission), and Travis Tuiloma (mission) who combined to produce 54 tackles (10.5 TFL), four pass breakups, and five quarterback hurries. Reloading for 2013 will be more difficult.

BYU Football: Did you know? (Running Back Tandems)

With the strong emphasis on throwing the ball by the Brigham Young Cougars, they are normally happy to have one good, reliable running back. However, there have been a few occasions when BYU has had two running backs, in the same season, do damage carrying the ball.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

David Nixon joins Matt Reynolds in Carolina

The Carolina Panthers have released that they will pick up free agent linebacker David Nixon. The only thing that could get in the way is a failed physical exam, which is scheduled for Friday.

BYU 2012 Preview: Tight End

The Brigham Young Cougars had a logjam of freshmen at tight end two years ago. It took over a year to get the position settled and contributing again. Finally, midway through the 2011 season, two tight ends were starting to establish themselves. Then, injuries became a nuisance.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flashback: A Double Dose of Las Vegas

The Brigham Young Cougars have become very familiar with Las Vegas since Bronco Mendenhall became head coach. In fact, BYU got a double dose of Vegas in 2005, 2007, and 2009 playing at UNLV during the season and in the Las Vegas Bowl at the end of the year. Back in 1992, BYU forced a double dose of Las Vegas on its opponents.

It's Official: BYU will play at Wisconsin in 2013

The Brigham Young Cougars and Wisconsin Badgers will meet at Madison, Wisconsin, on November 9, 2013. This match up had been rumored for over a year, via mutual high school recruit Vince Biegel who ended up signing a letter of intent to play for Wisconsin last February. In recent weeks the rumors became louder. Now both schools have made it official.

BYU 2012 Preview: Offensive Line

The Brigham Young Cougars offensive line probably took more criticism than any other since 2011 ended. How they react to the criticism is more than just an interesting storyline for the 2012 season, it can be the difference between a good and a great season.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Poll Results: Which position group will be most improved in 2012?

With 37% of the vote, the Brigham Young Cougars tight ends were voted the position group that would improve the most from 2011 to 2012. Quarterback edged out running back (16% to 15%) for second most improved. Following those three came the defensive backs (9%), offensive line (7%), wide receivers (6%), linebackers (5%), special teams (3%), and defensive line (2%).

I think the running backs will be most improved, even with the shocking news that Joshua Quezada will transfer.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Juice is Loose: BYU Running Back Joshua Quezada Will Transfer

Brigham Young Cougars head coach Bronco Mendenhall announced on July 20, 2012, that junior running back Joshua “Juice” Quezada had decided to transfer and would not play the 2012 season in Cougar blue. No details were given regarding why he decided to transfer or to what school he might transfer.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flashback: Running Back By Committee

The last two seasons, the Brigham Young Cougars have used a "running back by committee" approach to rushing the ball. While this was a break from the traditional method, it wasn't the first time that BYU has used this approach. A committee of Cougars carried the ball for the 1977 team.

BYU 2012 Preview: Running Backs

Editor's Note: One day after this preview was published, BYU announced that Joshua Quezada had decided to transfer. Click here to be redirected to the press release. 

The Brigham Young Cougars running backs will try to break a few trends in 2012.

BYU Football: Did you know? (J.J. Di Luigi)

Former Brigham Young Cougars running back J.J. Di Luigi came to BYU with a lot of hype and high expectations. (Allegedly, FoxSports radio personality Petro Papadakis called Di Luigi the next LaDainian Tomlinson.) Di Luigi’s Cougar career fell short of the hype, but it wasn’t as bad as some characterize it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BYU 2012 Season Preview: Quarterbacks

For 2012, the Brigham Young Cougars quarterback situation is simple. Senior Riley Nelson is the starter and senior James Lark is the back up.

Not so fast.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brigham Young Cougars 2012 Season Preview

This offseason has been the most subdued offseason for Brigham Young Cougars football in several years. A spectacular finish to the Armed Forces Bowl gave BYU its first ever three bowl-game win streak, and got the Cougars into the final USAToday Top 25 poll. The pain and agony, however, of the three losses left a cloud hanging over BYU football.

The 2012 season couldn’t come fast enough.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Poll Results: Which BYU road game do you most want to attend?

South Bend, Indiana, home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish was easily the one Brigham Young Cougars road game that fans most want to attend. Sixty-two percent (62%) of poll voters selected this game over Boise State (16%), Utah (12%), Georgia Tech (7%), San Jose State (2%), and New Mexico State (1%).

This might sting for the folks at Notre Dame, but I am going to pick the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Mailbag: Future BYU-Utah Games, Billy Green’s Quote, and More Rushing Yardage Stats

Welcome to the Friday Mailbag where once a week I answer your questions and respond to your comments about Brigham Young Cougars football. As a quick reminder, there are three ways to submit a question:

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On to the mailbag.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

BYU Football: Did you know? (100-yards Rushing in a Game)

Brigham Young Cougars head coach Bronco Mendenhall has stated several times that one of his goals is to rush for 100 yards every game. Earlier this week, I got into a debate on Twitter with @gregwrubell and @Y4LYFE about how important it is that BYU reach this, or any other, defined rushing standard. The premise of any statistic is to determine whether it is a strong predictor of a certain outcome. In football the desired outcome, of course, is winning.

This Twitter debate got me questioning, what about the losses?

Will BYU QB commit Billy Green be Jake Heaps 2.0?

The Brigham Young Cougars recently received a commitment from quarterback Billy Green. He plays for King’s High School in Shoreline, Washington. Green also receives training from the Barton camp; the same camp former BYU quarterback Jake Heaps attended.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Flashback: Playing the Role of the Spoiler

The 2012 Brigham Young Cougars hope to spoil Washington State head coach Mike Leach’s return to college football. They would also like to spoil Boise State’s season with its first September loss since 2007. Playing the role of the spoiler was pretty common for the BYU football team 30 years ago.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BYU and Utah to play in 2013 and 2016

After much debate and speculation, it is confirmed. The Brigham Young Cougars and the Utah Utes will not continue their rivalry on an annual basis. The good news is that the rivalry will not be discontinued until 2014 and it will resume in 2016.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Poll Results: Will Kyle Van Noy have more sacks in 2012 than the seven (7) he had in 2011?

An overwhelming amount of voters, 89% to be exact, voted “Yes” Brigham Young Cougars linebacker Kyle Van Noy will have more sacks in the 2012 season than he had in 2011. “No” came in second place with 7% of the votes, and just 3% voted for Van Noy to have an equal amount of sacks. Just 1% was undecided.

I will say “Yes” Van Noy will have more than seven sacks this season.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Mailbag: Michael Alisa in 2012, Riley Nelson’s Impact, Bronco Mendenhall’s Coaching, and Winning

Welcome to the Friday Mailbag where once a week I answer your questions and respond to your comments about Brigham Young Cougars football. As a quick reminder, there are three ways to submit a question:

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On to the mailbag.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Frustrated with Bronco Mendenhall? Read This.

Raise you hand if you have heard a Brigham Young Cougars fan say one or more of the following about head football coach Bronco Mendenhall:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Flashback: Magic Happens

Happy Independence Day!

The 4th of July. The day we celebrate and remember the United States of America declaring independence from England. A lot has been written about that day 236 years ago, but two words could sum it all up: Magic happened. That is also what happened to Brigham Young Cougars football five years ago.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Will “The Irish Model” work for BYU?

For years, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish ruled the college football landscape as the kings of media attention and scheduling big games.

The Irish have a national fan base as the most prominent school associated with the Catholic faith. Each year, Notre Dame’s home games are played in front of a national audience on NBC. Even in recent years, as the team has struggled to reach major bowl games, any small piece of news coming out of South Bend has found itself on the ESPN Bottom Line. As a football independent, the Irish are able to schedule games every year against the likes of USCStanfordMichiganMichigan State and Navy. This year they will also face OklahomaMiami and our own Brigham Young Cougars.

When you list why Notre Dame is successful as a college football independent, it leads you to wonder if there is any reason why BYU cannot achieve the same status among college football’s powers?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Poll Results: Who will be BYU’s leading rusher in 2012?

After finishing the 2012 season as the team’s second leading rusher, a majority of voters (58%) feel Michael Alisa will be the team’s leading rusher in 2012. Joshua “Juice” Quezada finished second in the poll with 25% of the votes. True freshman Jamaal Williams came in third with 9%, followed by redshirt freshman Adam Hine (6%) and quarterback Riley Nelson (2%).

As much as I want to see Quezada rebound from his injury plagued sophomore season, I agree that Alisa will probably be the team’s leading rusher in 2012.